Brillant idea?

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about in this blog.  The other day, while looking through a bunch of old files, I ran across a journal that I kept for a junior high writing class. I briefly though that it would be interesting to share some of the writing. But after reading some of the initial topics I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.   I do plan to read through the notebook, but for the most part its rather embarrassing.   There might be a few good stories, since the course requirement was to write at least one page a day.   Even now I recall some of those pages as pure BS.  Lets just say that the struggle to be creative and inventive when you’re in 12 or 13 doesn’t inspire much in terms of deep thought. There are topics that would be interesting to pursue, but a lot of random teenage noise.

keeping track of thoughts…

Throughout the day I think of different topics I’d like to post to this blog, however by the time I get to a computer with time to write I’ve forgotten them. I’m considering a “hipster PDA” to help me keep track of things. Seems like a much cheaper option than spending money on a piece of electronics that I might not use.

My worry is that even if I put these thought down, I don’t think it’d be that interesting. Like all the conversations and reasons I have in my head, sometimes it’s better to not share.

Currently listening to Two Gallants “Nothing to You“.

Jamie wants big boom

I think of all sorts of witty things to share throughout the day, but when it comes time to set something down to the blog.. Nothing. One of the things I have considered is going back through all the “stories” I wrote in school and sharing them with everyone. Don’t know if that would be entertaining, I’m thinking it might be more embarrassing than anything.

Or.. I need to spend time fixing the template for the site and connect my flickr and picasa web accounts to this blog.

yep, nothing like a big boom to make the whole site a lot more exciting.