Working on a homepage for fresaj.com. It’s getting late and I’m not thinking straight, so I’m going to close the lid of the laptop and work on it another day.   I actually have code written, so at least is a little closer to being done.  Since I’m working this weekend, I’ll hopefully find a bit of time to work on it a bit more.  I’m skeptical that it will actually happen, but crazier things have been known to occur.

Good Night!

oh ya, I’m on the schedule to teach in October!  Now I just need students to sign up for my section.


As you might have noticed if you were following my photo a day project, I’ve not kept up with the project.  April, May and June have come and gone without much in the way of activity on the blog.   The project just required time that I don’t have to spare right now.  Find subject, take photo, download, select, edit, upload, change settings, and then post to the blog.  I needed to find a balance between posting everyday and finding time away from the machine.  The project would be much easier if I’d a camera phone that posted directly to flickr and took decent photos.  Perhaps that’s where it got derailed; I just added too many steps to the project.

But before all that happens, I need to create a splash page for the site and update my portfolio.  Both of those projects have been around for at least year or so.

Thanksgiving and the Crocheted Bag

Finally got around to uploading a photo of the bag I blogged about earlier. It’s not big enough for groceries, but it is just the right size for taking things back and forth from work. I don’t know how many grocery bags I actually ended up using, estimate is around a hundred. The bags used in this project were from Gerbes (brown) and Target (white). I’m working on another, with clear bags from HyVee and Gerbes brown bags, but have set it aside as I work on other things.

Thanksgiving is in a few days, no major travel plans.  The only non work plans I have is converting a bag of apples into a yummy pies.  Apples were left over from the college ultimate tournament last weekend.  Had to run by the store tonight, becuase I didn’t have any pie pans.  Somehow even after staying in the same house for more than a few years, I’ve never picked up pie pans.

October Weekend

Blues and BBQ festival this weekend.  Enjoyed music, wings and beer last night and am working up the motiviation to go over for a few hours this afternoon.   I’ve had a few busy weekends over the past few months that spending a day at home just chilling out is nice.  Though I’ve spent most of the day watching shows like Jurassic Fight Club on the History Channel, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time yet, but the weather is beautiful. Maybe a hike around a nearby park with the dog is a better choice.  Then cap off the night watching MU play Nebraska…   Go Mizzou!

The decision about flooring is on hold for a while.  Pricing for getting bamboo installed is out of my league and I don’t know folks that would be willing to help with installation.

My current creative project involves crocheting plastic grocery bags.  My inspiration is the design found on this website.  I’m using a smaller hook, so my stitches are not as bulky.  I’ll post a photo after I finish up the project.  Just need to add the handle loops, side pockets and trim.