Working on a homepage for fresaj.com. It’s getting late and I’m not thinking straight, so I’m going to close the lid of the laptop and work on it another day.   I actually have code written, so at least is a little closer to being done.  Since I’m working this weekend, I’ll hopefully find a bit of time to work on it a bit more.  I’m skeptical that it will actually happen, but crazier things have been known to occur.

Good Night!

oh ya, I’m on the schedule to teach in October!  Now I just need students to sign up for my section.

three weeks notice

I gave my boss a letter of resignation this morning. It’s official, my last day at my job is April 11th. My first day as Instructional Technologist is April 14th. Know I’m thinking I should have padded that time a bit and take a bit of time off, since I won’t have any break for three months. oh well, at least I’ll have a few three day weeks with Memorial weekend in May.

This is part of the job description for my new job that I think is the most exciting!

This position will research and implement new methods of multimedia to add to existing courses and train instructors on how to apply the methods to each course section. The Instructional Technologist will be part of a team to evaluate existing course(s) from a technological point of view and add resources to enhance the students’ overall learning experience.