Thanksgiving and the Crocheted Bag

Finally got around to uploading a photo of the bag I blogged about earlier. It’s not big enough for groceries, but it is just the right size for taking things back and forth from work. I don’t know how many grocery bags I actually ended up using, estimate is around a hundred. The bags used in this project were from Gerbes (brown) and Target (white). I’m working on another, with clear bags from HyVee and Gerbes brown bags, but have set it aside as I work on other things.

Thanksgiving is in a few days, no major travel plans.  The only non work plans I have is converting a bag of apples into a yummy pies.  Apples were left over from the college ultimate tournament last weekend.  Had to run by the store tonight, becuase I didn’t have any pie pans.  Somehow even after staying in the same house for more than a few years, I’ve never picked up pie pans.

a few months later

Today, I updated my wordpress installation.  Congrats to me!

I’ve actually finished most of the items on my previous todo list.   I grabbed most of my old blog entries and uploaded them here and I got most of the ultimate website forum, gallery and main page updated.  Upside to updating the forum is the sharp drop in spam registrations.  I think the number of fake accounts was hitting about 15-25 a day.

At work, I’m plowing through a varity of Flash training videos.