Pretty much done

Close to Done
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The bathroom remodel has been close to being done for most of the summer. Only things left to finish up are related to trim and sealing the cracks. I painted the closet white and recovered the shelves, so now bathroom has the most usable storage in the house. I think that was the first time the closet had been painted since the house was built. It might have even has the original brown shag carpet. I don’t miss that ugly carpet.

Next project is new floor for the rest of the house. Right now I’m trying to decide between either carpet or bamboo. Carpet is cheaper, but with a dog with lots of fur, shedding can be an issue.

Plaster on the walls – Day 3 of the third week

It’s amazing how satisfying a little plaster on the can improve the situation. Thanks to my dad’s work on the plaster, the walls look much better. I really do like the smell of fresh plaster. Unfortunately there is still a list of improvements.

  • Primer coat of paint on all the fresh plaster
  • Leveling the floor, because of a crack
  • Laying out the new vinyl tiles
  • Installing the new vanity, sink and faucet

Still lots of things to get done. Note the scared dog, he’s confronting two of his major fears, cameras and bathrooms, just because I shouted SQUIRREL!

Second Week of Remodel

So here is the current state of my bathroom. The project started because of two different events. First, I finally got around to removing the baseboard heater and second I created a leak in the sink drain.

I’ve never been happy with the existing sink and vanity. There had been a leak from the roof vent pipes that destroyed some of the wall behind the sink. the previous owners fixed the leak, but never repaired the drywall, so there was an ugly situation under the sink, plus the drawers were covered with yellow crud. Anyways, that’s all gone now.

The photo here is after removing two layers of vinyl flooring. The top layer of vinyl tiles came off easy. The second layer of “lovely” yellow sheet vinyl was a pain. Removing the layer, took me a day and a half of heavy scrubbing to get it to this stage, my hands ache.

Needless to say, I’m excited for a new flooring, vanity and sink. Planning on doing work on Sunday, so hopefully there’ll be updates.