way back – Haven’t Posted in a While

Seems like I’ve not posted in a while and that’s pretty much true. so I figured I’d share a thought or two. Here’s a small version of an oil pastel I worked on last weekend.

Coming back from hiking about Grindstone, I started thinking about the car wave. I’ve not seen them lately, if at all. The car wave is generally given by the driver of one vehicle to the driver of an oncoming vehicle. I don’t know if’s a greeting that’s only practiced in rural areas or if in these days of multilane highways and darkened windows people have become isolated within their own automobile islands. There’s no more flip of the fingers from the steering wheel to acknowlege a fellow driver, unless it’s in the action of rudely giving them the bird. I remember cheerfully waving back from the passenger’s set at on coming cars when I was much younger. So I’ve decided to reintroduce it to my driving lexicon.

way back – posting

So’ve I not posted in a month or so, nothing much going on. Haven’t progressed in my plan to create a “portfolio” site. Would probably be a little different if I was actively job seeking.

Lately I’ve been working on Summer League 2004. This is my third year of putting together the league. It has gotten better. This year we’d 79 people sign up, which is the same number as last year. I think that’s actually saying a lot about growth, this year we are collecting a 10 fee. Players get about 10 weeks of ultimate fun and a t-shirt. One of the nights will be a fun night, with food and games. I’m also quite proud of the new logo I created for this years shirts. 🙂

way back – digital video ideas

Just a random thought.. taking a digital video class this semester. I’m slowing getting the equipment together. Next is coming up with a video idea. Thought I would have time at work to think about ideas, but the last two weeks been rather busy. The last two days I spent researching video/telephone/webcam conferencing. Bet you didn’t realize that there were all those options. Well there are, my next step is to find out what would work best for the situation.

way back – What a let down…

went in for a follow up exam for the stress fractures.. No more xrays. .. all the doctor said was, “take it easy as you get back into your sports” guess that means I’m at least halfway healed. what I wanted was more xrays.. proof that this time has been worth it.. I wanted to see how far my bones had progressed now that I’ve not played frisbee for 2 months. Even though I can definelty feel the difference when I jog a few feet. All he shared was that I am to take a measured reentry into my sport. first 5 then 10 then 15 minutes…. will that last?

I hope this is the end.

Way back – Dreams

I parked my car in the Shake’s Pizza parking lot and ran across the street into Peace Park. Across the stream is a game of soccer. I’m going to run home. Dreamer is wondering here and there. Greatest thing is there’s no pain from the fractures. It’s great to run without pain again. As I get towards the other end of Peace Park, Dreamer has run off. I turn around to look for him. I find him over by the Heinkel building, barking at a black bear and what might have been a bob cat. Wild animals have wondered into the city. After that the details get fuzzy. I don’t think I get all the way home, instead someone picks me up and takes me back to my car.

This is actually a combination of things I’ve thought in the last day or so. Driving back from my parents I wondered if any wild predators have wondered into Columbia. Last summer a deer was running around the park behind my house and that set me to thinking about bobcats running across Providence Rd. etc. Not sure what natural predators are still living in this area, besides coyotes and foxes. Just thinking about those predators that are mammals.

Also thinking about the pizza at Shakespheare’s Pizza since I’ve not been there in a while. There was a time when I went at least once a week. I might have to visit for a slice or two.

The running thing is obvious. Just read the other entries, especially yesterdays.

Way back – Time Off

So it’s been about 3 weeks without running around playing frisbee. I think the stress fractures are healing. I’d been worried that they might not heal naturally. Major sign of this is the hop test. When I hop on one leg there isn’t the pain there was two weeks ago. I can successfully complete two hops without pain. Actually, everything feels a lot better, even driving. I can rub the knot on the front of both shins and not feel pain. YAH!!

way back – Official news

It’s official.. I’ve stress fractures in both legs. No impact activities for 6 weeks, the stationary bike and weight lifting for the upper body are now my activites of choice. Swimming is also an option, but I’m not too excited about that, maybe I’ll try out those water aerobic class at Wilson’s Fitness. What it ultimately means is definatly no ultimate frisbee for 6 weeks. Then only moderate activity for 3-6 months.