October Weekend

Blues and BBQ festival this weekend.  Enjoyed music, wings and beer last night and am working up the motiviation to go over for a few hours this afternoon.   I’ve had a few busy weekends over the past few months that spending a day at home just chilling out is nice.  Though I’ve spent most of the day watching shows like Jurassic Fight Club on the History Channel, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time yet, but the weather is beautiful. Maybe a hike around a nearby park with the dog is a better choice.  Then cap off the night watching MU play Nebraska…   Go Mizzou!

The decision about flooring is on hold for a while.  Pricing for getting bamboo installed is out of my league and I don’t know folks that would be willing to help with installation.

My current creative project involves crocheting plastic grocery bags.  My inspiration is the design found on this website.  I’m using a smaller hook, so my stitches are not as bulky.  I’ll post a photo after I finish up the project.  Just need to add the handle loops, side pockets and trim.

Design Coding

I know what you’re probably thinking or even saying.. “damn, not another video Fresa.” Sorry, to disappoint, but I thought it was funny and quite good enough to share. Discovered it on MU’s Web Communication blog.

Fits and Starts

I’m still playing around with layout templates, so the site tends to change from day to day. I’ve not found one that fits everything I like or need.  I’m hoping to take a bit of time this weekend to customize one of the templates. Part of the challenge with deciding is the lack of goals and subject matter for this site.