October Weekend

Blues and BBQ festival this weekend.  Enjoyed music, wings and beer last night and am working up the motiviation to go over for a few hours this afternoon.   I’ve had a few busy weekends over the past few months that spending a day at home just chilling out is nice.  Though I’ve spent most of the day watching shows like Jurassic Fight Club on the History Channel, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time yet, but the weather is beautiful. Maybe a hike around a nearby park with the dog is a better choice.  Then cap off the night watching MU play Nebraska…   Go Mizzou!

The decision about flooring is on hold for a while.  Pricing for getting bamboo installed is out of my league and I don’t know folks that would be willing to help with installation.

My current creative project involves crocheting plastic grocery bags.  My inspiration is the design found on this website.  I’m using a smaller hook, so my stitches are not as bulky.  I’ll post a photo after I finish up the project.  Just need to add the handle loops, side pockets and trim.

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