Today’s Brain Crack

Sent in a reservation form for fields for summer league. Hopefully, I get the space. Fields that are centrally located and able to host numerous teams are going to be harder and harder to reserve. I may not get them this year for summer league. We’ll see.

Talk on the forum today about changing fields yet again. There are so many things I would like to contribute, but I’m not participating in the conversation. I’ve found its much better to hold the tongue than to incite a riot. But it did get me to thinking about places for a possible Saturday event/picnic. I called Parks and Rec and found out that the shelter I want to reserve is booked until mid June on Saturdays. I’m still going to have to drive by the location and check out the field space, because it sounds “ideal.” Shelter, soccer field, bathrooms, volleyball, playground, gravel trail all in one tidy location.

Mental note: need to reserve parks and rec. shelters at least three months in advance.

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