Did you know?

So after a long break from posting, I’ve decided to try to be a bit more responsible.  For my first post back I’ll try to keep it low key.  Just read this about Facebook’s roll out of a few new features on LifeHacker.  One of the new features allows users to download a copy of their profile.

This could be interesting, as of right now there’s no option to upload to a new account. I’d be curious as to why most would use this feature and I wonder if it’d ever be used as evidence.


Working on a homepage for fresaj.com. It’s getting late and I’m not thinking straight, so I’m going to close the lid of the laptop and work on it another day.   I actually have code written, so at least is a little closer to being done.  Since I’m working this weekend, I’ll hopefully find a bit of time to work on it a bit more.  I’m skeptical that it will actually happen, but crazier things have been known to occur.

Good Night!

oh ya, I’m on the schedule to teach in October!  Now I just need students to sign up for my section.

Brillant idea?

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about in this blog.  The other day, while looking through a bunch of old files, I ran across a journal that I kept for a junior high writing class. I briefly though that it would be interesting to share some of the writing. But after reading some of the initial topics I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.   I do plan to read through the notebook, but for the most part its rather embarrassing.   There might be a few good stories, since the course requirement was to write at least one page a day.   Even now I recall some of those pages as pure BS.  Lets just say that the struggle to be creative and inventive when you’re in 12 or 13 doesn’t inspire much in terms of deep thought. There are topics that would be interesting to pursue, but a lot of random teenage noise.


As you might have noticed if you were following my photo a day project, I’ve not kept up with the project.  April, May and June have come and gone without much in the way of activity on the blog.   The project just required time that I don’t have to spare right now.  Find subject, take photo, download, select, edit, upload, change settings, and then post to the blog.  I needed to find a balance between posting everyday and finding time away from the machine.  The project would be much easier if I’d a camera phone that posted directly to flickr and took decent photos.  Perhaps that’s where it got derailed; I just added too many steps to the project.

But before all that happens, I need to create a splash page for the site and update my portfolio.  Both of those projects have been around for at least year or so.

Crab Apple

, originally uploaded by fresaj.

The crab apple tree at my parent place bloomed like crazy this year. I grabbed this shot after driving back from a hat tournament in St. Louis a week or so ago. Weather was nice, overcast and misting, yeah for Spring!